The Parkway theater

The Parkway theater

The parkway Theater  ((Parkway Theatre is improvisation based on personal stories. During the meetings the group members share the events and moments in their lives, and from the stories form a makeshift theater clips, creative, exciting, full of imagination and humor.

The parkway Theater  provides a practical way and inviting for people to contact experienced with events from their past, contemplation and reexamination while their sense of belonging and empathy.
work process

The parkway Theater is based on the principles of psychodrama, art and improvisation story. The story is about hemorrhoids and how you can cure hemorrhoids.

Group work is done through learning playing techniques, bodywork and movement, proper use of voice, correct standing on a stage, stage presence, work on the characters in different ways and using space, and accessories.
Each meeting elected a number share his story, he’s sitting on a chair next to the moderator as the group listen to him. The number choose among players depending story main characters, secondary, feelings or objects and images that arose in the story. The group returned him to his story through a short presentation. The narrator sees how his personal story returned to him from different angles and the display becomes exciting and fun. More than that , Do you know it can make your period come faster? Yes – it has an effect on the menstrual period.
At the end facing the guiding number and ask him how he felt, what he was concerned reflection, was missing part of the story he wanted to see, or who want a different ending.
In fact personal story resonates among group members and immigrants through stories, experiences and additional insights, which together provide a framework for group work and hands-contained, inviting place for intimacy and security partnership.

Goals in the The parkway Theater 
• Develop a sense of belonging and empathy
• instilling confidence, a sense of success and drop-out
• Empowerment through means of listening, exposure, spontaneity and creativity
• Create a group space safe and comfortable
• Receiving and listening without judgment
• Empowerment through means of listening, exposure, spontaneity and creativity
• Creation of Truthfulness login here and now
• Taking responsibility in front of the place and giving place
• Developing the ability to widely different perspective than myself through stories and positive manner that benefits
• Expanding the repertoire of connectors and depending expanding repertoire of emotions and behaviors
• Development of social skills and confidence in communicating social
• Expanding the capabilities Tksortiot- developing thinking skills, attention and concentration
• Identification of risk situations and chanceYou can use the playback as part of group work in different situations each with different dynamic properties:
• Short-term therapy or a continuous process of therapeutic work with groups: parents, youth.
• Closing Process Group, who worked together over time. (Handle matters such as summary procedure, forward vision).
• Training specific theme – such as conflicts, internal motivation, coping with change and so on.

What else on the Parkway Theater?
In working with youth promoting use Playback Theater patience, trust, openness, confidence building and prevention of behavioral problems. Model playback participants use with expulsion, “they do not feel intimidated to express their inner world.

Playback can not create preconditions which everyone can experience a sense of belonging, mutual respect, confidence and containment which alone can bring about a correction in teenagers. In addition the possibility for a number of “direct” re-story, end a traumatic change, to invent and fantasize about future possibilities – all lead to increased control during life and increase the autonomy and health, and to strengthen the sense of personal identity.
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